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Active member involvement and membership dues are what keeps this organization moving forward and successful. Together as Colonels we meet once a month to assess needs within the department and the causes we support.  We welcome all interested in learning more!


Our group supports many great causes chief of these is being there for the Men and Women who risk everything to keep our community safe. You can help by raising awareness of what we do by sharing with your friends.


If being a member does not work for you, for any reason, every penny donated to the colonels helps support great causes. The Honorary Colonels is a 501.c.3 so you can take advantage of the tax benefits of your donations. We welcome any and all donations.

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About Us


Founded in 1986, the West Valley City Honorary Colonels Association is a 501.c.3 nonprofit corporation, created to provide relief and aid to members of the West Valley City Police Department and their family members during time of crisis such as serious illness, injury, or death all subject from in the line of duty or other extenuating circumstances. Along with providing relief, the West Valley City Honorary Colonels Association was created to solicit funds and receive contributions or donations and to distribute the same in accordance with the directions of the contributors or donors.

All money raised goes to the following causes:


Support for Injured Officers

Support for the Families of Fallen Officers

Sponsor Academy and FBI scholarships

West Valley Police Annual Awards Banquet

Crossing Guard Banquet

Take 5th & 6th graders who work as Crossing guards to Lagoon

Children’s Justice Center

Programs for at-risk kids

Women in Law Enforcement

Officer Training and Equipment


We raise money to support these causes through membership dues,  private donations and events such as a Bike Rally and the Annual Honorary Colonels Golf Tournament and sponsorship donations for the Annual Awards Banquet.

Together we work to support those who “protect and serve” our community


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18 Jun: West Valley Police Department Annual Awards Banquet

West Valley Honorary Colonels is proud to host the Annual Awards banquet celebrating the merits of those who have gone…

17 Jun: Youth Safety Patrol

Every year the West Valley Honorary Colonels work together with the West Valley Police Department and other sponsors to host…

14 Feb: Crossing Guard Banquet

Every year the Honorary Colonels together with the West Valley Police Department put together a fun evening with prizes and awards to thank the hard working crossing guards of West Valley City

14 Feb: Fallen Officer’s Fund

The fallen officer fund is used to provide financial assistance to officers, or their families,  who have been injured or killed in the line of duty.

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